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Yale Publications

  • Patrick O’Brien. May 16 2019. “Yale College seniors create inclusive and equitable learning experiences with the Poove Center.” YaleNews. link

  • Yale University Office of Public Affairs. April 22 2019. “First-Year Scholars at Yale set to expand enrollment and academic programs.” YaleNews. link

  • Prihar, Asha. April 5 2019. “UP CLOSE: Similar problems, accross the world.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Clark, Caitlyn. March 27 2019. “Behind the counter.” Yale Daily News. link

  • McCright, Karissa.  March 7 2019. “I contribute, too.”  Yale Daily News. link

  • Diaz, Jake. March 5 2019. “Where are Yale’s priorities?” Yale Daily News. link

  • Quinlan, Jeremiah and Scott Wallice-Juedes. “Letter 2.28.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Lee, Hannah J. and Nia Whitmal. February 27 2019. “For full financial aid.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Cho, Serena and Skakel McCooey. February 25, 2019. “Analysis: Breaking down the Student Income Contribution.”  Yale Daily News. link

  • McCooey, Skakel. February 14 2019. “New tax plan to hurt low-income students.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Tran, Vy. February 10 2019. “Voices Of: Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike (José López).” The Politic. link

  • López S., José Y. February 4 2019. “Being poor in elite spaces.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Beck, Melinda. Nov/Dec 2018. “First.” Yale Alumni Magazine. link

  • Lee, Aiden. October 26 1018. “The price of ‘potential.’” Yale Daily News. link

  • Pavilonis, Valerie. October 22 2018. “FGLI students bond over break.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Belli, Brita. September 25 2018. “Yale alumna draws on past struggles to help students conquer money fears.” YaleNews. link

  • Posnova, Anastasiia. September 6 2018. “Yale introduces new initiative for first-generation low-income students.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Yale University Office of Public Affairs. August 23 2018. “Incoming Class of 2022 sets record for socioeconomic diversity and yield.” YaleNews. link

  • Moody, Sharla. September 4 2018. “On Appalachia and Yale.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Naik, Rohan. November 13 2015. “Making the effort.” Yale Daily News. link

  • Gersten, Jennifer. November 7 2013. “We Don’t Talk About It.” Yale Daily News. link

General News Sources

  • Jemmott, Enoch. March 28 2019. “The Implicit Punishment of Daring to Go to College When Poor.” The New York Times. link
  • Hylton, Antonia and Mimi Dwyer. March 23 2019. “Yale students aren’t surprised their school was at the center of the college admission scandal.” Vice News. link
  • Jack, Anthony A. March 18 2019. “I was a first-generation college student at an elite college. The admissions scandal reopens old wounds.” The Washington Post. link
  • Belkin, Douglas. September 5 2018. “The Colleges That Offer the Best Financial Futures.” The Wall Street Journallink
  • Sherman, Erik. August 31 2018. “Low-Income Students Get Penalized For Having To Work Their Way Through College.” Forbeslink
  • Willen, Liz.  July 17 2018. “Alone in the Ivy League.” The Hechinger Reportlink
  • Wong, Kristin. June 12 2018. “Dealing With Impostor Syndrome When You’re Treated as an Impostor.” New York Timeslink
  • Strauss, Valerie. March 13 2018. “Low-income, first-generation student have—finally—established a beachhead at Ivy League schools. Now the real work starts.” The Washington Postlink
  • Sharpe, Rochelle. November 3 2017. “Are You First Gen? Depends on Who’s Asking” The New York Timeslink
  • Anderson, Melinda M. July 27 2017. “Why the Myth of Meritocracy Hurts Kids of Color.” The Atlantic. link

Student Work

  • Brown, Suzanne. April 22 2019. “When it doesn’t pay to give.” Medium. link
  • Rocha-Álvarez, Alexandra. October 25 2018. “Death and Gravity Overcome.” DOWN Magazine. link
  • Blatt, Gabriella. October 23 2018. “Rising grief, rising tides.” Yale Daily News. link
  • Randos, Nick. October 9 2018. “Isolation, Insecurity, and Community: Being First-Generation Low-Income at Yale.” The Politiclink
  • de Haerne, Danielle. September 14 2018. “Hidden Behind the Statistic.” The Yale Heraldlink
  • Rodriguez Cortez, Carlos. September 7 2018. “A Predictable Hypocrisy.” Yale Daily Newslink
  • Garipian, Nune. August 29 2018. “Here’s How I Transferred To Yale From A California Community College.” Forbes. link
  • López S., José Y. 2018. “Not Made for ‘FGLIs’: Social Capital, Cultural Capital, and the First-Generation Low-Income Experience at Yale University.” Education Studies capstone. link
  • Santos, Liliana. 2017. “ ‘Starting From the Bottom’: An Analysis of Student Success Stories in Education Nonprofit Marketing Materials.” Sociology thesis. link

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Academic Articles and Texts

  • Anderson, Jill. April 11 2019. “Real Advice for First-Gens.” Usable Knowledge. link

  • Morton, Jennifer M. March 29 2019. “The False Promise of Elite Educaiton.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. link

  • Pho, Helen. February 18 2019. “Navigating First-Gen Career Pressures.” lnside Higher Ed. link

  • Monaghan, Peter. February 17 2019. “How Social Capital Affects College Choice.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. link

  • Tatter, Grace. November 15 2018. “Food Insecurity on College Campuses.” Harvard Graduate School of Education Research Stories. link

  • Reyes-Barriéntez, Alicia M. November 2 2018. “Teaching First-Generation Latinx Students.” Inside Higher Ed. link

  • Chatelain, Marcia. October 21 2018. “We Must Help First-Generation Students Master Academe’s ‘Hidden Curriculum.’” The Chronicle of Higher Education. link

  • Postsecondary National Policy Institute. September 26 2018. “First-Generation Students Factsheet.” link

  • Lam, Marian B. September 23 2018. “Diversity Fatigue is Real.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. link

  • Hansen, Claire. August 31 2018. “Hard Copy or Electronic Textbooks? Professors Are More Concerned About Keeping Them Affordable.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. link

  • Carnevale, Antohny P. and Nicole Smith. 2018. “Balancing Work and Learning: Implications for Low-Income Students.” Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. text

  • Nguyen, Thai-Huy and Bach Mai Dolly Nguyen. 2018. “Is the ‘First-Generation Student’ Term Useful for Understanding Inequality? The Role of Intersectionality in Illuminating the Implications of an AcceptedYet UnchallengedTerm.” Review of Research in Education 42:146-176.

  • Chetty, Raj, John N. Friedman, Emmanuel Saez, Nicholas Turner, and Danny Yagan . 2017. “Mobility Report Cards: The Role of Colleges in Intergenerational Mobility.” text

Community Initiative Publications

  • The Community Initiative. August 16 2019. “Advice For Incoming First Years.” Yale University.
  • The Community Initiative. October 4 2019. “Cheet Sheet For Winter.” Yale University. link 
  • The Community Initiative. November 22 2019. “Meals Over Thanksgiving.” Yale University. link
  • 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs Funding Guide. link