As part of a recent alumni initiative, 1stGenYale is a shared-interest group (SIG) under the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) that aims to connect first-generation alumni with each other and with current FGLI students to share their own experiences and become resources for current students. 1stGenYale hosts an annual event that includes an alumni panel, student discussion groups, and a networking reception for FSY (First-Year Scholars at Yale) students in the summer, and an alumni conference in the spring (the first which occured in 2018).

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Alumni Profiles

Our FGLI community extends beyond the four years we are on campus, and as a way of giving back to current (and former) students, registered alumni have provided profiles and made them available to students. Check out these registered alumni’s profiles by accessing the Alumni Profiles document, where we have collected them for your convenience.

Read their stories, their academic and professional trajectories, and what they’re currently doing. Moving to a new city? In the middle of a career change? Browse through the profiles of alumni of all ages and fields, and shoot them an email introducing yourself!

Access the Alumni Profiles document here.