Emergencies and Unexpected Expenses

We recognize that money and finances are a frequent concern for members of the FGLI community. To assist with this understanding, the university has launched Financial Literacy: Managing Your Money at Yale, a new online tool designed to help undergraduates manage personal finances. Developed in collaboration across the college and the University, it is now available at finlit.yale.edu.  

However, occasionally students will experience a personal emergency which requires more immediate funds or financial help. To address these concerns, the university has created to a new funding portal, Safety Net. Safety Net will now be the single application platform for students to request funds to meet unexpected financial need. Students in an emergency and who require immediate funding (within 24 hours) can also find guidance on how to seek help.

Safety Net ensures consistency and fairness in providing all students with the same opportunity to seek funds when they can find no other solution to a financial problem. It will help students from having to ask multiple sources for support. Examples include suddenly traveling home due to a health crisis in your family or emergency dental care. If this kind of extreme emergency occurs, you should immediately contact your Head of College and/or residential college Dean to discuss your circumstances and submit a request via Saftey Net .