Financial Guidance

Though there are several financial resources designed to make the lives of FGLI students less stressful at Yale, some expenses will inevitably arise throughout their time on campus. Regardless of which insitution you choose to attend, every college comes with expected and unexpected financial costs. If you are on financial aid, a good portion of expected costs such as tution and room & board may be covered by Yale itself. However, many of the daily expenses depend on funding directly from students themselves. Expenses such as degergent, dorm accessories, and transportation can consists of the costs of college that directly fall on the responsibility of students. Several members of the Yale community, including your Residential College Deans, Peer Liaisons, First-Year Counselors, and staff of the Community Initiative, can help provide insightful advice on how best to manage your finances while at Yale. 

Managing finances to optimize your college experience is a challenge in itself, but the costs can often place a larger burden on low-income students. In order to support students through these challenges, we have centralized information in our Financial Guidance page as a first-go-to resource for any questions regarding finances for low-income students.

  • Interested in learning more about financial literacy? Make sure to check out Yale’s new financial literacy website at to expand your knowledge on money managing.   
  • Learn about Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO) Services that assist with winter and professional clothing and some tech needs. 
  • Read our comprehensive Money Manual, composed from student and administrative tips on how to navigate Yale on a budget.
  • Bookmark our advice on how to react to Emergency and Unexpected Expenses if you find yourself having to spend money you might not have at hand.